Amir Amid Hozour

Amir Amid-Hozour, son of Hassan and Robabeh Amid-Hozour, was born in Tehran in April 1930.  He was the first son of the family with four other brothers; Mansour,  Hashem, Mohsen and Esmail.

Amir's father, Hassan, was born in Kashan (a city in the central part of Iran).  Hassan had immigrated to Tehran, and with hard work and perseverance, established a good credit and reputable record in Bazar (Persian Market).

When Amir was fourteen years old, he convinced his dad to establish a store for him.  It was from this very first step that Amir started to establish a reputation and credibility among his trading partners.  Due to his perseverance, hard work, strong faith and commitment to work, Amir established Amidi's Trading organization, with the help of his younger brother, Mansour.  By the age of 25, Amir helped to make Amidi's organization responsible for over two-thirds of all import and domestic distribution of shoes in Iran.

In less than four to five years after he started his business in Bazar, Amir sought intervention of the old housekeeper (Khanoum Mashti) to convince his dad to find a wife with whom he could share the rest of his life.  At age 17, he found his future wife, Kyan, who was his love for the rest of his life.

Six lovely children (four sons and two daughters) were the fruit of this beautiful couple; Karim, Farah, Rahim, late Hamid, Saeed and Bahareh and thirteen grandchildren.

At the age of twenty, Amir lost his father.  Now not only was he responsible for his own family, but he had to take care of his four younger brothers and his young (33-year old) mother.

Dr. Esmail Amid-Hozour, the youngest brother of the family, tells of these old days, "The key characteristic that can best describe Amir in those difficult times was the fact that, alone and parallel with hard work, Amir was a great father for all four brothers.  He was a unique and loving husband for his wife and a truly devoted son for Mother.  I do not forget that there was ever a night that Amir would not come to see us and Mother before he went to his wife and his children.  Amir considered his late mother as the most valuable jewel.  He reminded everyone about the value of parents and the importance of being kind to them."

After those hard years, Amir and his brother Monsour established Bella Industrial Group.

Bella Group was one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of shoes in Iran.  With the help of Amid-Hozour's brothers, it was gradually expanded to other related industries: tannery, textiles, packing, banking and hosiery.  The Bella Group established a very strong presence in most of the above fields.

Without any doubt, one can clearly indicate that the secrets to Amir's success were:

*       Honesty in his words and deeds;
*       Hard work and perseverance;
*       Hope for a better tomorrow.

The above were clearly key ingredients of this beloved man.


In January 1979, Amir and his family migrated to the United States of America.  Despite of existence of barriers, he managed to establish Amidi Holding throughout the U.S.A.  Amidi's Holding has activities in a variety of fields, including:  carpet, plastic, water industry and real estate.  In the past 21 years, Amir has established strong credit and credentials.

Amir Amid-Hozour will never be forgotten.  His memories will be everlasting in the hearts of all his family, as well as those whose live he touched.  Amir's impact will be everlasting on so many people that we do not even know - how difficult is the loss of Amir for those people!

Let us all think like Amir and let us look at life with Amir's point of view, and, in so doing, let us not say good-bye.  Instead, let us stand together saying with one voice,

"Hello Dear Amir"